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    1. Wifi-ZigBee Smart LED Downlight

      Customize light and music to suit different mood:Press one button on smart phone or tablet to control the lighting of whole house.Fully dimmable from 0% to 100%.

    1. Wifi-Zigbee Wireless Lighting Control System

      Vertex's tunable white LED downlights are a new, innovative downlight that makes use of both WiFi and ZigBee technology, as well as a high quality Citizen double color temperature LED chip. With the tunable white solution, users can easily dim and change the light color at will, using just your smart phone or tablet.

    1. F Series LED Downlights

      Vertex's 8W COB LED downlights utilize a highly efficient COB LED, and a dimmable Tridonic LED driver, making them ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

    1. FIC Series LED Downlights Both the LED downlight and the LED driver can be covered directly by the insulation material, and the high quality LED driver ensures a long lifespan under high temperature environments. There is no need for a plastic cover box, saving costs on both the box and installation.
    1. V6081 LED Downlight We offer you convenient options about LED recessed down light's CCT, CRI, and finishing colors. We feel glad to help you anytime and please feel free to tell me your ideal down light in mind.
    1. V6082 LED Downlight Integrated PMMA optical lens gives a more precise lighting angle and comfortable light shape. It ensures a light transmittance over 93%.
    1. V6214 LED Downlight Recessed in the ceiling, this downlight gives a comfortable and gently-lit light effect. It is suitable and ideal for resting area.
    1. V6284 LED Downlight Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, home, villas, other residential buildings, office and government building.
    1. 4W LED Cabinet Light The integrated PMMA lens ensures the light transmittance over 93%, the lighting angle more precise and the light shape more comfortable.
    1. 6W LED Cabinet Light High rendering index Ra93 CREE COB LED, with integrated PMMA lens, this downlight gives out a comfortable and healthy lighting effect.
    1. LED Cabinet Light Bar, CL-2X4 Build-in Osram dimmable LED driver, ensure long life span for more than five years. PMMA gives even and comfortable lights effect. Beam angle 40 degree and 60 degree for your choice.
    1. F9061 LED Downlight This 15W fire rated recessed light could be installed in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, home, villas, other residential buildings, office and government building.
    1. FT9060 LED Downlight Vertex Lighting is the first lighting company who has the lighting passing the UL263 fire rated test in Asian area.
    1. V9040 LED Downlight Vertex recessed lights use a special designed PMMA anti-glare lens to protect eyes from the harm of direct strong light, while the light loss is controlled within 15%.
    1. PV1213-B Downlight Innovative push and lock bezel, easy installation 
      The lamp is compatible with CFL, LED and Halogen 
      High quality painting skill, upscale finish.
    1. V3213B Downlight Interchangeable twist & lock bezel, excellent for stock and painting; 
      Multiple color choices: Brushed nickel, white, black, chrome, brass, anti-brass, matt white 
      The lamp compatible with CFL, LED and halogen 
    1. V3214C Downlight The lamp is compatible with CFL, LED and Halogen
      4. High quality painting skill, upscale finish.
    1. Fire Rated Downlights Tested to BS476 standards, 90 minutes of fire protection 
      Exchangeable bezel, multiple color choices 
      The lamp is compatible with CFL, LED and halogen
    1. Anti-glare LED Lens The anti-glare lens is specifically designed for LED lights in order to minimize the harm of direct strong light. Light streaming through this lens is gentle and comfortable, while still maintaining the high light transmittance and a precise beam angle.
    1. Fire Rated Downlight Fittings Fire rated downlights are often referred to as fireproof downlights. A fire rated downlight is designed to stop the spread of a fire between floors, as once a hole is cut into the ceiling, fire prevention abilities are reduced, as flames spread through the hole. However, a fire rated downlight has a special material called an intumescent strip attached to it.
    1. Smart Lighting Springs These two steps complete installation, making it easy, and with the smart spring, you can install two LED downlights at the same time, and do not have to worry about being hurt during installation.