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Vertex LED downlights in wattages between 4W to 15W can installed in: Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes; Home, villas and other residential buildings; Offices and government buildings.

  • Compatibility: VS6084, VS6085, V6084, V6085
  • Compatibility:VS6084, VS6085, V6084, V6085
  • Compatibility: V6064C, CL-6, CL-4, CL-2X4, CL-3X4, CL-4X4
  • Compatibility: VL6074
  • Compatibility: V6085, V6185
  • Compatibility: V6214, V6081
  • Compatibility: V6284, V6082
  • Compatibility: FS6084, FS6085
  • Compatibility: CL-2X4, CL-3X4, CL-4X4
  • Compatibility: V6214, V6081, V6085
  • Compatibility: VL6074
  • Compatibility: V6064C, V6084, V6085
  • Compatibility: V6085, V6084, V6184, V6185

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