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Smart Lighting Solution

    1. Wifi-ZigBee Smart LED Downlight

      Customize light and music to suit different mood:Press one button on smart phone or tablet to control the lighting of whole house.Fully dimmable from 0% to 100%.

    1. Wifi-Zigbee Wireless Lighting Control System

      Vertex's tunable white LED downlights are a new, innovative downlight that makes use of both WiFi and ZigBee technology, as well as a high quality Citizen double color temperature LED chip. With the tunable white solution, users can easily dim and change the light color at will, using just your smart phone or tablet.

Vertex Lighting Company design and manufacture indoor lighting fixtures since 2000, mainly provides LED downlight and smart lighting solutions for customers. For wireless lighting control system there are smart LED downlights and tunable LED lights, using color changing light applied for color temperature lighting. Vertex make efforts to provide energy efficient and eco-friendly LED lighting fixtures and solutions for home lighting, office lighting and commercial lighting.