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Light Fixture Accessories

Vertex is an innovative manufacturer of LED downlights. Not only that, but we place a great deal of emphasis on developing and improving the usage of LED downlights in order to make residential areas a better, brighter, and safer place. Vertex's smart designs include small components that lead to a large difference in daily life.

    1. Anti-glare LED LensThe anti-glare lens is specifically designed for LED lights in order to minimize the harm of direct strong light. Light streaming through this lens is gentle and comfortable, while still maintaining the high light transmittance and a precise beam angle.
    1. Fire Rated Downlight FittingsFire rated downlights are often referred to as fireproof downlights. A fire rated downlight is designed to stop the spread of a fire between floors, as once a hole is cut into the ceiling, fire prevention abilities are reduced, as flames spread through the hole. However, a fire rated downlight has a special material called an intumescent strip attached to it.
    1. Smart Lighting SpringsThese two steps complete installation, making it easy, and with the smart spring, you can install two LED downlights at the same time, and do not have to worry about being hurt during installation.