About Vertex Lighting

    When it comes to lighting your home or office, customers rely on energy efficient, bright and safe lighting options. To meet an ever growing demand, Vertex Lighting was founded in 2000, and has since become a trusted supplier of LED downlights. + More

    1. Wifi-ZigBee Smart LED Downlight

      Customize light and music to suit different mood:Press one button on smart phone or tablet to control the lighting of whole house.Fully dimmable from 0% to 100%.

    1. F6084 LED Downlight

      SAA, CE RoHS, EMEC, LVD, EVN approved;
      Multiple color choices, interchangeable bezels;
      Sharp COB LED, high light efficiency;

    1. F6085 LED Downlight

      Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, home, villas, other residential buildings, office and government building.

    1. F6087 LED Downlight 8W COB LED downlights use an integrated PMMA optical lens, allowing for a more precise lighting angle and comfortable lighting shape. This ensures more than 93% light transmittance.
    1. 4W LED Cabinet Light The integrated PMMA lens ensures the light transmittance over 93%, the lighting angle more precise and the light shape more comfortable.
    1. F9061 LED Downlight This 15W fire rated recessed light could be installed in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, home, villas, other residential buildings, office and government building.
    1. FT9060 LED Downlight Vertex Lighting is the first lighting company who has the lighting passing the UL263 fire rated test in Asian area.
    1. V9040 LED Downlight Vertex recessed lights use a special designed PMMA anti-glare lens to protect eyes from the harm of direct strong light, while the light loss is controlled within 15%.
    1. PV1213-B Downlight Innovative push and lock bezel, easy installation 
      The lamp is compatible with CFL, LED and Halogen 
      High quality painting skill, upscale finish.
  • Production and Assembly The downlight parts machining workshop uses 10 PLC lathes to machine components for ceiling lights. These components include the inner ring, outer ring and grooves. With an entire NCNC process, one person controls only two devices, thus saving costs. In addition, there are 10 drilling machines to drill holes in each part.

  • Quality Control Here, employees are testing purchased parts. First, they inspect the surface condition for damage, scrapes, bubbles, holes, deformation, cracks, and color. We will only put parts into use that have passed inspection.